JUSASI A bead necklace made with round Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper and 18K golden beads. With a pendant of Aragonite set in 18K FILTERS18K goldAragoniteNecklaceRed JasperSmoky Quartz


PASTON A half and half necklace of hematite and aquamarine. Held together with a silver Paston lock FILTERSAquamarineHematiteNecklaceSilver


NYOKA A necklace made from a snake spine with a special lock made with pure golden details. FILTERS18K gold24K goldNecklaceSilverSnake SpineStone


FUVU A rare carved skull meteorite on a string of intense pink rubies and Tibetan 18K golden beads FILTERS18K goldMeteoriteNecklacePendantRuby


KUVU A pendant with moss and fungus shaped pendant of silver and 18K gold. With a long <70cm> necklace made of garnets and 18K details and beads. FILTERS18K goldGarnetNecklacePendantSilver


MOSHI A smooth and organically shaped Smoky Quartz set in silver and held by an 18K gold loop. FILTERS18K goldNecklacePendantSilverSmoky Quartz


KIOO A Quartz crystal sphere which is held in silver and still moves in it's setting. FILTERSNecklacePendantQuartzSilver


MFALME A giant Azurite Nodule <40mm diameter>/ Cut into two pieces showing the magical geode/ Covered in 24K gold/ Made for two lovers FILTERS24K goldAzuriteNecklacePendant


ARAGO A piece of aragonite which looks like a gemstone explosion. Held in an 18K gold setting. FILTERS18K goldAragoniteNecklacePendant


SINDANO A single Rutile needle in Quartz set in 24K gold held by 18K gold. FILTERS18K gold24K goldNecklacePendantRutile Quartz

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