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Rough and refined, authentically following the movement of nature to create unique jewelry designs.

Amsterdam based goldsmith Zoë Nina Schaad focuses on craftmanship and design, and broadens her horizon towards artistic collaborations. Her jewelry has a pure aesthetic. The rough-refined designs capture the nature of the material and story behind the piece. Fascinated by the infinity of the natural world we live in, and inspired by its imperfection, Zoë Nina dares to capture a little piece of nature and enrich its character with gold or silver.

As a person and an artist Zoë Nina embodies the passion for her designs: she emits the energy she captures in her jewelry.

Zoë Nina was trained by  Froukje van der Avoird with whom she now shares a studio in Amsterdam.  Her work is also inspired by her late fathers mineral, stone and metal collection. The material she uses in her creations are from this collection, as well as personal materials that clients bring. In recent years she has created a network of collectors of rare pieces. On their (and her own) travels around the world they find her the most extraordinary minerals, and pieces of earth history like mammoth dung, dino egg shells and other fossils.

As we are nature, jewelry should be an extension of it, in all its raw beauty.

Zoë Nina carefully observes and explores, combining her creativity and innovative outlook on materials, tools and techniques to create unrivaled pieces of jewelry. When she’s is not working in her studio she is researching artistic projects and collaborations with other artists. It’s in her  free work that she can fully unleash the vast depth of her curious artistic mind.

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