24K gold


PEMBETATU A triangle shaped Lapis Lazuli covered in 24K gold. Set on a square ring which is comfortable to wear because the ring is not too thick. FILTERS24K goldLapis LazuliRingSilver


KIJANI A rough piece of poisonous green tourmaline held in 24K gold with a 18K ear hook. FILTERS18K gold24K goldEarringsTourmaline


BOHA A U-shaped silver ring with a rough pink tourmaline in a setting of 24K gold FILTERS24K goldRingSilverTourmaline


NYOKA A necklace made from a snake spine with a special lock made with pure golden details. FILTERS18K gold24K goldNecklaceSilverSnake SpineStone


PILI PILI Salt & Pepper diamond slices cover in 24K gold. A small opening in the gold will let you have a look at the world of these diamonds. The ear hooks are 18K gold for a strong hold. FILTERS18K gold24K goldEarringsSalt/ Pepper Diamond


TIKITI A beautiful colored watermelon tourmaline held in pure gold with an 18 K hook. FILTERS18K gold24K goldEarringsWatermelon Tourmaline


CHURA A square onyx covered in pure gold. With two cabochon cut quartz on each side it this frog is ready to wear. FILTERS18K gold24K goldOnyxQuartzRingSilver


YVES This intense blue Azurite Nodule is cut in two halfs and held in 24K gold setting with 18K gold hooks. FILTERS18K gold24K goldAzuriteEarrings


MFALME A giant Azurite Nodule <40mm diameter>/ Cut into two pieces showing the magical geode/ Covered in 24K gold/ Made for two lovers FILTERS24K goldAzuriteNecklacePendant


SINDANO A single Rutile needle in Quartz set in 24K gold held by 18K gold. FILTERS18K gold24K goldNecklacePendantRutile Quartz

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