Directly pointing out The Emerging Dutch from this large Fall 2018 – Post Spring 2018 Couture Season: NINAMOUNAH’s Ninamounah Langestraat – who hardly cares about sexual dimorphism, but instead manifests on pleasure’s behalf.

Together with Zoë Nina a seducing combination of pearls and silver have created a emerging feeling between smooth and animalistic.

The ambiance could have been an abandoned butcher’s barbecue on a rural side, dry and arid, all animalistic bodies on the grill, marinated by the physical tension generated by those restrictive and intervened school uniforms. It all turned into hot stuff: kabang shebang from Amsterdam!

Emerging designers migrate from fashion weeks to fashion weeks, from Amsterdam to the world, symbolizing disappearing creative borders, blurring them, searching for the unknown and unexpected. But NINAMOUNAH’s London debut brought her closer to fulfilling her post graduation dream: running her own farm for children and the animal kingdom within the city borders.


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